The saloon is a great choice and by far our most popular. You’ll be driven in a modern vehicle which can carry up to 4 passengers and moderate amount of luggage. They can seat up to four passengers with ease, while also leaving room for two large suitcases and hand luggage. What’s more, they are the most affordable airport shuttle solution we offer.

You can expect: Toyota Avensis, Peugeot 3008, Skoda Octavia or similar size of vehicle .
We believe smaller cars than Compact size(for example Ford Focus) are not delivering enough comfort to passengers and we do no offer them.


With all the advantages of BMTaxi saloon vehicles, our estate’s have an increased boot capacity to accommodate that extra bit of luggage without compromising on comfort.

This type of vehicle is slightly bigger than the saloon car and can accommodate maximum 4 passengers, 3 medium pieces of luggage and 4 handpieces of luggage..

BMTaxi estate cars transport up to four passengers but have an increased boot capacity and are able to fit additional luggage. Business clients heading off to conferences or trade events often find that our estate cars provide all the extra luggage space required for efficient transportation of team members.


When you need a transport for more than four people or a bit more than normal luggage, the answer is to hire a MPV which has capacity of 6 passengers chauffeur mpv.
It is also suitable option for 4 people with 4 medium suitcases.

710 litres of boot capacity when 4 passenger spaces are available.
With two rows of seats folded down you have 1610 litres of space but only one passenger.

Mercedes Vito 8 seater

Families and groups of up to eight passengers will discover that minibus transfers are a perfectly affordable way to travel to or from any UK destination. Our professional drivers have all the essential driving qualifications to ensure total passenger comfort.
BMTaxi provides minibus services throughout Durham.


We appreciate all business from Durham University and in return we offer help to Students with moving their house or college.

We provide this service on quoted basis depending on number of people, luggages, distance and time.
We start with as little Ten Pounds for one person up to 3 luggages moving.

If you decide to use this service on arranged date and time You must be ready with your luggage when taxi arrives as usually we have limited time for each booking as all students move on similar date/s.

Please arrange your luggage in a way it will be easy and safe to load – no sharp objects sticking out, all boxes and bags are closed and sealed. Please divide in cattegories so heavy items and those which will not be affected by luggage on them could be loaded at the bottom then remaining items on top. glass shelves and screens should be transported in horizontal position and driver will give you further advice about them.

We will help with arranging the luggage in the taxi if you like. Just enquire about your needs to be met by us, we are always happy to do it.


When you need luxury transport for more than just two or three people, the answer is to hire a Mercedes Executive Minibus with all Leathers Interior.

Our high-quality Executive taxis add additional comfort to any journey or transfer in the Durham area and beyond.